"Pookie" (Lyle DeRose)
                                             Comedic and Dramatic Actor
Pookie is a SAG eligible actor and his acting experience is in TV, film and narrative films, and Reality TV, appearing on networks like NBC, Discovery Channel, NatGeo, and History Channel. Commercially he has worked for a lot of local businesses, but often represents larger brands as well, like TCBY.  He has experience in various areas on the Production side as well.
He is represented in Colorado, but would be interested in discussing other options with interested agencies.  Feel free to reach out with questions or work inquiries.

Pookie's TV, Films and Links: 

The Warning - Feature film on DVD now.

NBC Night Shift - Can be seen on NBC.com

Stephen King short film "Popsy" trailer!  http://youtu.be/YoMBnBmqQKk

Colorado Classic Windows Commercials   http://vimeo.com/85467471     http://vimeo.com/85467470    http://vimeo.com/85467472

"Lords of War" - National Geo Graphic Netflix - Season 1 Episode 5, "The Secret Flame"

"American Guns" - Discovery Channel - http://youtu.be/ttfcaJYN0eE

CheckOut his IMDB: http://imdb.me/LyleDeRose

Follow him on FaceBook.  http://facebook.com/PookieDeRose

Be sure to check out the photo Gallery and Demo Reels!!!!!

Lyle DeRose

Denver, CO. 80202

Email: derose@live.com

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