"Pookie" (Lyle DeRose)
                                             Comedic and Dramatic Actor
My acting experience is in reality TV, film and narrative films, appearing on networks like Discovery Channel, NatGeo, NBC, and History Channel. Commercially, I work for a lot of local businesses, but often represent larger brands as well, like TCBY.
I am represented here in Colorado, but would be interested in discussing other options with interested agencies. Feel free to reach out with questions or work inquiries.   
   OVER   25,000   VIEWS ------------------------->

Pookie's TV, Films and Links: 

Stephen King short film "Popsy" trailer!  http://youtu.be/YoMBnBmqQKk

Commercial - CCW  http://vimeo.com/85467471    http://vimeo.com/85467470     http://vimeo.com/85467472

Untitled Feature Film -  http://youtu.be/lYGFsM0kHXc

NBC Night Shift - Airing soon!

"Lords of War" - National Geo Graphic http://youtu.be/TND9M3HvEPU 

"American Guns" - Discovery Channel - http://youtu.be/ttfcaJYN0eE

Be sure to check out the photo Gallery and Demo Reels!!!!!

Follow me on FaceBook.  http://facebook.com/jadlad2005

Lyle DeRose

Longmont, Co 80501

Email: derose@live.com

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